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T&B Jacketed Metal Clad & Teck Cable Fittings

T&B® fittings offer the widest range of solutions for jacketed metal clad and Teck cabling, including STAR-TECK® cable fittings designed for optimum integrity in hazardous and non-hazardous  locations.


Multiple Materials - Our fittings are made in aluminum, stainless steel and PVC coated lines to withstand harsh environments.

Superior Strength - Only Thomas & Betts fittings include our patented PowerGrip grounding ring and its superior pull-out strength.

Ready for Wet Locations - The Thomas & Betts fitting line includes models listed for direct burial that are suitable for use in wet locations and concrete.

Wider Range -  A removable armor stop on the STAR-TECK EXTREME line provides greater cable range, which reduces your part numbers and inventory.