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Blackburn® Compression Connectors

For a high-quality connection at a low installed cost, count on

Blackburn® compression connectors and the reliability of the Color-Keyed coding system to make inspections and certified installations easier.


Color-Keyed Compression System

The Blackburn identification method uses compression tools with distinct, hexagonal, color-coded dies that compress connectors and conductors into a nearly solid configuration for an outstanding electrical bond.

High Conductivity

The Blackburn compression connectors, made of the highest-grade materials offering high conductivity/low resistance,  meet or exceed all industry standards and can be installed with other commonly used tools with no loss of agency certification.

Customized Solutions

Blackburn's vast variety of  customized compression connectors — angled, flared, trimmed, stacked, bi-metal, reducer, flag, tee, tapered, metric and more — can solve any installion issue.

Labor Savings

Our complete line of motor lead disconnects, the fastest and safest in the business, reduce down time by 50% while boosting installation and operational safety.