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Wire Termination

ABB Installation Products is a recognized leader in providing electrical connectors suitable for the majority of all electrical applications. 

Feature Products

Sta-Kon® Terminals

Sta-Kon terminals are made from 99.9% pure high-conductivity copper alloy and, because of a unique selective annealing process, have a soft barrel for crimping while the tongue remains solid and strong.

Sta-Kon Comfort Crimp Compression Tool

The most comfortable and ergonomically friendly crimp tool on the market. Requires the lowest handle force of any tool in its class. Shure-Stake mechanisms ensure a complete crimp cycle before releasing and results in a proper/completed crimp every time.

Dragon Tooth® Insulation Piercing Connectors

ABB Installation Products insulation piercing connectors make a permanent, low resistance connection for splicing, tapping, and terminating magnet wire from 32 AWG to 460,000 CMA copper and from 20 AWG to 460,000 CMA aluminum conductors in motor and transformer applications.