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T&B is excited to introduce another innovative solution that addresses the complexities of coupling two rigid PVC conduit systems:

The T&B® Fittings Non-Metallic Expansion/Deflection Coupling.

Until now, the only available solutions in the market were either using metallic expansion/deflection couplings, which are very expensive for a PVC system, or an improvised, unsafe and labor-intensive solution involving Liquidtight flexible conduit, ENT connectors and PVC adaptors, which is neither UL approved nor NEC compliant.

In contrast, T&B's new solution is UL approved, fully NEC 2014 compliant, safe, quick and easy to install, saving labor costs and minimizing the number of SKU parts needed.

Additionally, it is "Made in the USA"!

Sizes range for ½”-4”, which suit any industrial segment, such as infrastructure (bridges, walkways), marine piers, parking garages, schools, hospitals, commercial buildings, water and waste water facilities, and many others.

In adding this new product to our existing XD series Rigid Metallic Expansion/Deflection Couplings and Carlon® E945 series Expansion Couplings product lines, we now offer complete solutions to most end users, distributors and contractors.

  • Five times faster to install vs. the traditional method
  • Up to 5-to-1 SKU reduction
  • Suitable for use indoors, outdoors, direct buried or embedded in concrete in a variety of applications, including bridges, piers, parking garages, overhead walkways, hospitals and other buildings
  • UL Certified and NEC Code compliant
  • Inner sleeve provides a constant, smooth inner diameter in any position to ease wire pulling and prevent wire insulation damage