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Thomas & Betts Brochure Addresses Electrical System Challenges in Petroleum Processing Facilities

MEMPHIS, Tenn., April 10, 2014 – Thomas & Betts (T&B)’s brochure, “Electrical Solutions for the Oil and Gas Industries” provides product solutions for challenges typically encountered in upstream, midstream and downstream petroleum processing facilities. The brochure provides product groupings that respond to real-world challenges faced by the oil and gas processing industry. It also includes a guide that indicates which of these issues each T&B product line is designed to address.  

“This brochure is a guide to T&B product selection for electrical infrastructure maintenance in oil and gas processing facilities,” said Ned Camuti, vice president, sales and marketing, at Thomas & Betts. “These products are organized by Solution Sets that address specific challenges that project managers and maintenance personnel face in providing safety in hazardous environments, avoiding costly interruptions of electrical service and preventing damage caused by corrosion, extreme temperatures and liquid ingress, among other issues.”

Sections in the brochure address safety and contamination prevention, continuous operation and sustainability, cost reduction, protection from corrosive and harsh environments, protection in hazardous locations, grounding and bonding, power quality, protection from extreme temperatures, protection from liquid ingress, and personnel training.

The brochure is available through Thomas & Betts sales representatives or may be read online here.
For more information, call (800) 816-7809. 

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