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Elastimold® MVR Molded Vacuum Reclosers

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Reclosers are the workhorses of distribution automation. Reclosers reduce outage duration and frequency, lower operating costs, and improve customer service and overall system reliability. The Elastimold® Molded Vacuum Recloser (MVR) raises the standard of recloser performance by incorporating state-of-the-art vacuum-interrupter technology with the field-proven Elastimold® solid-dielectric insultation system and long-life operating mechanism and magnetic actuator system.  The Elastimold® MVR reclosers are compatible with the industry standard Schweitzer Laboratories Controls.

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Elastimold® Recloser Voltage Sensor cable upgrade  - downloadable


Configurations – Single phase, three phase and triple-single reclosers

Smart — Our reclosers are Smart Grid ready with three integral load-side voltage sensors and provision to add source-side voltage sensors, if desired. 

Light — The three-phase Elastimold® reclosers weigh 33% less than existing typical units due to a fully solid-dielectric design incorporating unique diaphragm technology.

Flexible — Elastimold® reclosers are modular, so field upgrades and retrofits are easy and fast.

Innovative  Highly visible position indicator with simple and compact magnetic actuator mechanism.