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LRC® Installation & Product Data Handout

   "F"Style Connectors 
(PDF:1124k/35 pages)
   Cable/Connector Cross Ref.
(PDF: 61k/20 pages)
   Alum. Connectors 
(PDF: 1094k/44 pages)

   Hardline Wrench &Heat
Shrink Tubing
(PDF: 21k/4 pages)
   dBm to Voltage Conversion
(PDF: 5k/1 pages)
   dBmV to Voltage Conversion
(PDF: 7k/1 pages)
   VSWR Chart 
(PDF: 4k/1 pages)
   Tracer dB/uV per Meter
Conversion Chart
(PDF: 5k/1 pages)
   TRI Formula
(PDF: 6k/1 pages)
   CATV Channel Allocations 
(PDF: 19k/5 pages)

Diamond® - Sachs Dropline Hardware

  Drop Line Hardware
   Construction Line Hardware
   Bonding & Grounding HW
   Signal Security
   General Reference


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